Aim rates

Aim Hypnotherapy rates follow the Vancouver Hypnotherapy standards. Payment for sessions occurs at the end of our first session. We accept cash, cheque and credit cards.

- We charge CAD$140.00 an hour when you book and pay for 5 one hour sessions.

- We charge CAD$157.50 an hour when you book and pay for 3 one hour sessions.

- We charge CAD$185.00 an hour when you book a single one hour session.

- Our Stop Smoking program is priced at CAD$395.00

Aim Treatment Length

The length of treatment depends on individual cases, and your first session will include a discussion about how many sessions will provide you with the best results.

While some clients are able to stop, treat or improve after a single session, other clients find that three to five sessions are necessary to deal with their specific issues. Occasionally, some clients may also benefit from periodic ongoing counseling support.

other details

- If you live outside of Vancouver we can arrange online sessions via Skype or Facetime.

- We require at lease 24 hour cancellation notice for rescheduling.

- Packages must be used within 3-months and are considered non-refundable.


Hypnotherapy Payments
Aim Personal Use Session Add on 4
Aim Personal Use Session Add on 2
Aim Personal Use Session Add on 1

Aim Addictions Payments

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