Kombucha Enthusiast

Here is a video I found with a very informative Kombucha enthusiast. I had a dinner party this weekend and had a few guests who do not drink alcohol. In addition to providing coke zero and san pellegrino we also had Kombucha as an option. There was a short discussion of whether or not Kombucha has alcohol in it among a few knowledgeable guests. The variety we had at the dinner was store bought so it wouldn't have had enough fermentation to be labeled alcohol. This morning I started to ponder about whether or not Kombucha is a good substitute for people at dinner parties who don't partake in wine drinking.
The Kombucha enthusiast in this video believes it's a personal choice but he mentions a few friends of his who drink Kombucha as an alternative to alcohol. In any case I thought it was an interesting idea for clients who may be struggling with feelings of loss in social situations where alcohol is present. In the end this is a personal decision but I am discussing it here because it's always good to be informed, to do some research and see for yourself if this is an alternative beverage you might be interested in.