Fear of Success?

We may be familiar with the crippling effects of fearing failure but a fear of success may be just as limiting.

According to Judith Shervan PhD,  the reason "many people never get to enjoy their life, their success, their excellence...is because they live with an inner Gremlin that's addicted to The Doom Loop....and that Gremlin gets terrified every time [they] stand out and got forward in [their] lives."

Shevan explains that the fear of success is an unconscious addiction that needs to be challenged by taking time to have moments outside ones comfort zone.

At Aim we provide a safe place to talk through the subconscious reasons for maladaptive or self sabotaging behaviors in order to help clients live the kinds of lives they are excited to lead.

We believe we should all be fortunate enough to make choices based on our desires and our personal goals rather ones that avoid unknown successes based on unconscious and often irrational fears.

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