Hypnotherapy as a complimentary treatment for Bipolar disorder

At Aim we often work with clients with various mental health diagnoses who have sought out hypnotherapy as a complimentary treatment to medication or their work with their psychiatrists. Our clients report benefiting from the experience of hypnotherapy and often notice a reduction in their symptoms and improvements to their daily lives.

Although there are studies supporting the therapeutic benefits of hypnotherapy, more research, specifically neuropsychiatric research could go a long way towards helping hypnotherapy become a viable and medically covered treatment option.

Below are a few quotes from an interview on IMHRO with a woman with Bipolar disorder who describes her experience with hypnotherapy : https://www.imhro.org/hypnotherapy-effective-healing-modality

"In the next five years, I would like neuropsychiatric research to examine the brain science behind hypnotherapy. I’ve lived with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder since 1999, and hypnotherapy (hypnosis as it’s commonly known) has been most healing and stabilizing non-pharmacologic treatment I’ve encountered. Empirical research has shown that hypnotherapy is a safe and effective treatment modality for treating anxiety, phobias, eating disorders, depression and addiction. However, its effectiveness on brain diseases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder have not been extensively studied."
"When I sought out hypnotherapy, I was in a state of despair.  While I was otherwise healthy and taking my medication as prescribed, I knew I needed to seek additional, professional guidance. While psychotherapy had been effective in the past, I felt the need to try a different treatment approach. After doing my own research on hypnotherapy, and speaking to a colleague who had success in treating their debilitating anxiety, I thought it was a technique worth exploring."  
"In my experience, hypnotherapy has been transformative, and is responsible for the most profound and significant shift in my mental health. My brain feels as if it has been restored to a non-diseased state. Through the use of hypnosis, I experienced what can only be described as a release from an affliction that was deeply embedded. I developed a greater tolerance for stress, my tendency towards irritability ceased, my moods completely leveled out, and I discovered an inner calm I’d never known."