aim to stop smoking

You were born a non-smoker and you can be one again!

Across Canada it's estimated that 4.2 million people are addicted to nicotine, and that countless other close family members and friends are subjected to the harmful effects of second hand smoke (Statistics Canada, 2013). While many of these Canadians want to stop smoking, they can often find this destructive habit incredibility difficult to change.

understanding why you smoke

Addiction to smoking is more than a physical desire for nicotine.

Once you quit it only takes a few days for your body to be free from nicotine and physical cravings, but the real challenge for many smokers can be dealing with their emotional and psychological withdrawals (Reid & Ledgerwood, 2015). In order to maximize your chances of staying a non-smoker for life, studies have found that it's important to confront and overcome these underlying emotional and psychological triggers (Reid & Ledgerwood, 2015).

our smoking treatment approach

Our approach to smoking cessation is based on scientific research and practical expertise.

Several studies have now proven that smoking cessation with hypnotherapy can deliver better results than those achieved with nicotine replacement therapy or pharmaceuticals (Hasan et al., 2014). This is because hypnotherapy, unlike other forms of treatment, is non-invasive and highly effective at stopping the underlying triggers and drivers of nicotine addiction. 

In order to tackle these underlying triggers and drivers, the first step in our approach involves a pre-talk that explores your unique motivations, lifestyle patterns and coping mechanisms. By taking the time to understand your situation, we can then create a hypnosis session that is personalized and highly effective at targeting your smoking triggers.

Following the pre-talk, the second step in our approach involves providing a comfortable, safe and empowering hypnosis session. The word hypnosis is actually derived from the Greek word hypnos - which means to sleep. Similar to the experience of daydreaming, our clients often describe hypnosis as a 'highly relaxed and focused state of calm' that provides them with an opportunity to reinforce their desire to stop smoking and live a healthy smoke-free life.

At Aim Hypnotherapy & Counselling, our two-step approach to stop smoking has delivered results for hundreds of smoke-free clients. So if you're ready to stop smoking, please contact us.


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