Feeling the Warmth: Attachment Anxiety and Temperature

For some of us the winter months can be a cozy time of introspection and for others it can be an uncomfortable period we can't wait to get through. While pondering these differences in peoples experiences of cold weather, we began to think about the differences that exist in peoples sensitivity to interpersonal connections. 

Enter Dr. Gary Lewandowski's aricle for the Science of Relationships articles entitles " Feeling the Warmth: Attachment Anxiety and Temperature". In this article he describes studies that support the notion "that those with greater attachment anxiety may make [greater] associations between warm temperatures and interpersonal warmth". He proposes that there is a reason we use temperature words such as cold or warm when describing our perceptions of peoples personalities and that there may be a correlations between those who are more sensitive to physical temperature changes and sensitivity to interpersonal temperature changes.

If we go by these studies, then it may be that relationship break-ups or loss during the winter months may feel especially cold and difficult for those who experience greater attachment anxiety. Perhaps then we can conclude that a tangible remedy for this type of emotional pain could therefore be the addition of saunas or warm yoga classes or even sunny holidays not to mention close social support like friends and family.