Exercise = Happiness ...yes yes you know..but what is stopping you?

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise.
Countless studies support the notion that it elevates mood,it helps with depression (in many cases actually seems to cure it), it is correlated with quality of life and longevity...
And even though we are all aware of why we should exercise, so many of us don't do it, don't do enough of it to gain all the benefits or can't seem to stick to it if we do start.
The problem may be lack of perceived ability to change, it may be lack of support and lack of access.

Different barriers may be present depending on where you are in your resolve to be kinder to yourself and give yourself the benefits of exercise...if cost or lack of access or insecurity about how to begin are any of your barriers we recommend Sadie Nardini!!!
She has so many great free yoga videos on YouTube. She is a fun instructor for beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners. She has a personable demeanor, isn't too focused on the spiritual aspects of yoga which can be a deterrent to some people and she provides this great service free of charge.

Practicing with her videos at your own pace in your own home will help you learn all the poses and help you to become more aware of your body. It may also prompt you to join a yoga studio in your neighborhood or lead to other types of physical exercise. Studies show support from friends or a community of healthy active people can make a huge difference for people looking to make lifestyle changes. Studies also show that exercise and healthy living can be like a snowball effect with a little push being all people need to be on their way to making big changes.